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My Otakon video….it sucks dong

Welp, found the video with the GoT gang in it.

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300 follower giveaway!!! wow cool

you can win:

  • a cat zipper sweater (colour + size of your choice)
  • a drawing by me (it can be anything!! yeah i know i draw furry shit and stuff like that but i can do humans! ill draw a ship/you or w/e (i wont do any nsfw stuff gomen)
  • u dont have to have the drawing if you dont want it omg

RULES!! (read wow)

  • reblog as much as you want!! idc man (but be kind to your followers)
  • likes dont count but it dosent hurt to like!! (hahh ah)(ha)
  • make sure ask box is open omg
  • you dont have to be following me, but if you do ill throw in something a little extra for you uwu (maybe)
  • if you dont respond within 25 hours sorry man but im picking another winner
  • you have to be content w/ giving me your address
  • no giveaway/side blogs! 
  • ends 3rd of July!!

yeah thats it!! good luck uwu

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Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons walkthrough trailer

Starbreeze Studios have released a walkthrough video for Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons narrated by filmmaker Josef Fares.

We'll blow it away, blow it away,
Can we make this something good?

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 Beyond: Two Souls [x]

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Assassin’s Creed III: Kanatahséton

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Assassin’s Creed III concept art : I watch them fight and die in the name of freedom. They speak of liberty and justice, but for whom?” - Connor Kenway  

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Tomb Raider: Legend Scenery

#Tomb raider    #lara croft    #TR7    #legend    #gaming    #video game   

Tomb Raider: Legend Scenery

#TR7    #tomb raider    #legend    #scenery    #gaming    #video game   

Tomb Raider: Legend

#TR7    #tomb raider    #lara croft    #legend   
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